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Wastewater Improvements Ahead for Greenbrier

Last week you might have noticed an abundance of brown and green 24 inch pipe along the west side of Highway 65 around Sonic in Greenbrier. Currently, this vacant property is serving as a temporary housing site for 1.8 miles of 24 inch sewer line that is being installed by Diamond Construction.

Diamond Construction won the bid back in December 2023 for this 2.6 million dollar project that began this past week and will wrap up less than one year, to date. Wastewater, Water, Street City Services Director, Kaleb Mack shares, “This is a huge improvement for our community on the west side of town, we were at capacity and this will allow expansion and development on the west side of Greenbrier. The installation of this is not going to be a temporary fix or solution to anything. It is a major investment that will benefit our community for the long haul.” The new sewer line is being constructed from Burkett Flat to Amber Lane.

In addition, treatment plant improvements are being made to meet and exceed ADEQ expectations.

This project, and an update to the treatment plat were made possible by American Recovery Plan Act ($5 million) and Faulkner County ($1,570,000) funds.

All citizens that have easements along the line of installation have been notified by the city of the upcoming construction.

Additional wastewater, water, and infrastructure improvements are on the horizon and will announced soon.

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