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The Planning Commission meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Municipal Building. Click HERE for a complete list of dates and times of when the commission meets and submission deadlines.

Permits and applications are accepted at the Municipal Building during business hours, 7:30-5 PM Monday through Thursday and 7:30 to Noon on Friday. Planning and Zoning prepares and maintains the general, strategic, community-specific and redevelopment plans for the City of Greenbrier This division is also responsible for performing advanced and current planning functions such as:

conditional use permitting, rezoning, and site planning.


Functions of the Planning and Zoning Commission include consideration of proposed use and associated aesthetic qualities of a development project, as well as consistency with zoning regulations, to determine the impact on the community and promote businesses within the city.

Zoning regulations are enacted to implement the land use portion of the comprehensive development plan of the city to promote the future needs, safety, order prosperity and general welfare of the citizens of Greenbrier.

Nuisance Ordinance 06-2018

Remember to fill out the application, additional documentation, issue a public notice, and pay the filling and sign fee at city hall.

For quick reference:

R-1 Single-Family Residential

R-2 Low Density Residential

R-3 Mobile Home District

R-4 Medium Density Residential

O-1 Office and Quiet Business

C-1 Central Business District

C-2 General Commercial District

C-3 Highway Commercial District

I-1 Industrial District

The sale of fireworks are from June 20th 8 AM through July 7th at 10 PM and then again December 26th 8 AM - December 31st 10 PM.

Ordinance 6-2018

For residential and commercial structures, Arkansas adopts the International Energy Conservation Code. For more information please visit our staff at the municipal building.

Regulations are established for sign structures of all mediums to ensure light, air, and open space to reduce hazards on the roadways. Here are the Greenbrier Ordinances for signs and advertising.

Ordinance 06-2019

Ordinance 15-2018

Vendors are only allowed in paved spaces with written permission from the property owner. For a full list of requirements and application, click/tap above.

Joyce Johnson, Chairman

Steve McCune, Vice Chair

Hunter Thrasher

Tim Carter

Tim Rowlett

Johnny Cardin

Shawn Johnston, Secretary

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