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City Council Alderman, Matt Reynolds Resigns from Council

The City of Greenbrier recognizes Matt Reynolds with his dedicated service to the community by serving on the city council the past 5 years. Reynolds submitted his resignation to the council at the March meeting. He shared with the council that he has sold his property in Greenbrier. Reynolds will be moving to the Shady Grove area, outside of city limits which makes him ineligible to serve.

Reynolds graduated Greenbrier High School in 1998 and is proud to call Greenbrier his home. What started as just being curious to what was going on at the city, he began attending city council meetings a year prior to running for a position. He wanted to get involved at some capacity and felt this would be a great way to do so. Reynolds shares, “I highly recommend coming to meetings if you are interested in getting involved, that is what I did. It was a great way to see what was going on. Just do it, and if you are lucky enough to serve; try to make the best decisions that would benefit the city and community as a whole.” When asked what he was the most proud of during his time of service, Reynolds shared, “ I am very proud of the improvements we have made with the fire and police department. Those changes were needed, so it was great being involved in that process. Being a city council member is not a walk in the park though, it comes with many challenges. “Sometimes you have to make tough decisions, but ultimately you have to look out for the best interests of the community. You see familiar faces and its tough to put that aside, but you have to. That is part of the job.”

After the council accepted his resignation, Mayor Sammy Hartwick presented Reynolds with a small token of appreciation and shared that he was honored to work with Reynolds and he will be missed on council. “Matt was a great asset to the community by always voting with his conscious and not playing favorites. He will definitely be missed” said Hartwick.

The next city council meeting is April 1st at the municipal building at 6:30 PM; where Mayor Hartwick will appoint a new citizen to serve on the council.

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