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Updated: Sep 20, 2023


The City of Greenbrier is issuing a boil order.

Area residents: A main water line has broken tonight and everyone on Greenbrier water that IS NOT in city limits is now under a boil order, in addition to Ball Hill.

Due to the overwhelming volume of calls on the emergency water line, we cannot process them all. Just be rest assured, our team is well aware of the issue and working diligently around the clock to restore service.

Please continue to check back with us, when this will be lifted.


SPECIAL NOTICE: Update: You may have noticed that water is now officially restored in all areas that were without water. Special thank you to our water department for their hard work around the clock restoring water for the community.

We (Ball Hill residents and customers that live outside of city limits that get a bill from The Greenbrier water department) are still under a boil order. When we are under a boil order, water samples are sent to the Arkansas Department of Health for testing. We have done everything we can to ensure the water is safe. However, they must sample and test the water. Samples have been taken and sent. From here, ADH will officially notify us and lift the boil order. We will update the public once that happens immediately.

Please expect for their testing to last 3-5 days.



(9.20.23) The Department of Health has RELEASED the Boil Order notice issued on 9/16/23.

All samples were deemed safe and a satisfactory disinfectant level has been established throughout the distribution system. The water therefore is considered safe for human consumption.

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